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Nikolay Nikonov Street appeared as a new street in Ekaterinburg in 2005. The place of the Iset river embankment, next to the Cosmos cinema and Dynamo stadium, was called Melkovskaya Sloboda. The writer Nikolay Nikonov was born and raised here. His first book of fairy tales for kids “Birch Leaf” was published in 1955. In 1959, he was admitted to the Writers’ Union. During the life of Nikolai Nikonov, 67 books and 7 foreign publications were published. “The Sun in the Birches”, “Snowdrops” are children’s books about beauty, love and kindness. The novels “Vestal”, “Aphrodite’s Cup” and “Steel Soldiers” tell about the tragedy of war. Nikolay Nikonov loved and described in his books the nature of the Urals. In the famous novel “The Verb of Imperfect Form” Nikolay Nikonov describes the places where he lived, the side streets of the old Melkovskaya Sloboda. Now this place is named after the writer himself – Nikolay Nikonov Street.

Hotel “NN18” is located in the quiet center of Ekaterinburg at 18, Nikolay Nikonov Str. Such location closely connects hotel with the writer’s work and the whole literary history of the Urals. Literary Quarter, a unique museum complex, is a 10-minute walk distance. Go on an excursion to the museum “Literary Life of the Urals of the XIX Century”, learn about the work of Pavel Bazhov, listen to a concert on the summer stage, take a walk in the park and have a picture with Pushkin – this is how the hotel guest can plan their day by continuing acquaintance with Ekaterinburg.